Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Vase Party- What do you need to start?

 When getting into arranging flowers, it is easy to run out and start buying every single vase you have ever seen. Slow down! Here's some things to think about before splurging.

It is good to have an assortment of :
Bud vases or single stem vases for precious flowers
A few Table vases- ones about 4-6inches in height- and when arranged can sit in the middle of the table. The mason jar is a good size indicator.
A few fancier, wider opening vases. The crystal vase is beautiful and has room for more stems in it, to make a fancy, complicated arrangement for around the house.
Taller working vases- (You can have the fancy version to these instead) But tall flowers and branches need taller vases that have some weight in the base to keep from toppling over.

Colorwise- I prefer clear glass, neutrals, like milk glass, green glass. But if you find something you LOVE, get it too. You can make it work:)

There is more detail about vase choice in our book, From Seed to Centerpiece- A floral journey through the seasons. Published by Nimbus Publishing.