Sunday, March 24, 2019

Floral CSA 2019- Celebrate 5 years with 2018 Pricing!!

Spring is officially here, and things are starting to grow! We wanted to celebrate Our FIFTH Year of our Floral CSA- with 2018 pricing!! I had no idea how wonderful, colorful or loved our CSA would be so Thank YOU!!
Let the Dream of flowers come true by signing up for our Floral CSA Today!

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2019 Packages
Wednesday pick ups for :
Local Source, HFX & The Farm- Steam Mill, Annapolis Valley, Hantsport at Color Me Conscious

A)  Spring Session *(Biweekly) 4 weeks   $95                    May 8th – June 19th
A) Spring Session* (8 weeks) $156                                   May 8th – June 26th

B) Flower Aficionado ( 24 weeks) $388                          May 8th- October 16th
C) Flower Lover (Biweekly) ( 12 weeks) $226              May 8th - October 9th
D) Summer Aficionado (16 weeks) $277                      July 3th – October 16th

E) Summer Lover Biweekly (8 weeks) $171                July 3th – October 9th

Includes a Dried Flower Bouquet, which comes out in November 14th. It is a great way to keep the flower love during the off season! (*excluding the Spring only Packages)

Bedford, Dartmouth & Tantallon

Wednesday drop off's to Bedford & Dartmouth and Tantallon from 2pm-7pm
The drop off locations are: 
Tantallon- Cornerstone Naturopathic  
Bedford- TBA
Dartmouth at Blended Athletics
Dried Bouquets are an extra pick up November 14th.

A) Weekly Bouquets (20 weeks) = $342                                 June 5th- October 16th
B) Biweekly Bouquets (10 weeks) = $201                              June 5th- October 9th

Love, your flower farmer, Amanda

P.S. This makes a great present for Mother's Day!!