Monday, February 4, 2019

Everlasting Flowers for Everlasting Love

Try Dried Flowers this Valentine's Day for your Love.
It can be hard to really enjoy dried flowers when the fresh flowers are still available. People tend to judge the dried as 'lesser than' the fresh version, but it is not true! I have always loved dried flowers, and I grow more and expand each year. The ability to dry so many types, create so many color combinations and do so many different crafts are just icing on the cake.
Flowers we love to dry:
Herbs! Strawflowers,  larkspur, nigella, zinnia, lavender, statice
A nice dramatic coloring of sunflower, strawflower and shiso

Soft and feminie- Larkspur, statice, nigella

Making wreaths- greenery like eucalyptus, sage and lavender & strawflower

A detail of pretty strawflower, lavender, nigella, lunaria on a eucalyptus base.

Lavender, nigella and sage

Zinnia, scabiosa, immortelle, commercial roses, sea lavender

Drieds add so much to a household. They can be kept for a long time until they need refreshing. Best to keep out of direct sunlight to protect from fading. Drieds are brittle, so you should also hang or keep them in areas out of high traffic and away from curious paws and fingers.
We have colorful bouquets and wreaths available at Color Me Conscious Shop in Hantsport 14060 Hwy 1, Hants Border