Friday, November 30, 2018

Holidays are coming.....

It's nearly December, and prepping for the Holiday season is a part of our lives. The fragrant smell of clementines, hot glue, and balsam fir is here. It is a wonderful time of year and we have many lovely things to offer this holiday season- so read on!

Where to find us:
HFX Brewery Market- Every Saturday until Christmas- 8am- 1pm
Color Me Conscious Wellness Centre-Hansport The Shop is open everyday starting Sunday December 2nd!

One of our Craft Shows- so much prettiness!
Greenery, wire and pliers. Time to get crafting!
 What are you going to find:
Holiday greenery- Wreaths, Swags. After Nov 17th- Dec 22nd
Holiday Arrangements- Natural ones starting Dec 15th
Holiday Bouquets & Arrangements- with Flowers Dec 22nd

Swags are a decorative alternative to wreaths

 Other Great gift ideas:
Herbal Bath Tea
Dried Flower Bouquets
Edible Salts & Sugars
A copy of our book- From Seed to Centrepiece
And more beautiful items!