Friday, October 19, 2018

Frosty Farm

To every Season, there is a time. While we enjoy our flowers when we have them, come October, we know things are starting to slow down. There is less light from the sun, so most flowers begin to bloom less. Frost comes with a sparkling sweeping hand. Light at first, then usually around Thanksgiving, a hard frost killing of the majority of the flowers.

 A soft pink dahlia in sparkly frost. Dahlia's are pretty tender, so it is going to fade out fast.

The annual beds- sparkling and colorful.

Rudibeckia- Black eyed Susan

The perennial beds. It got a bit weedy this year, but looks so pretty in the frost!

This dark dahlia is so beautiful

Scabiosa Stellata

The perennial bed and fall on the farm
Usually when the frost comes, it is bittersweet. It is not something you can escape forever. There is also a joy- life can slow down and other projects- like cleaning the field can take precedence. Soon we will switch over to planting tulips and dried bouquets. But for now, we are enjoying the frosty delight that is Fall.