Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Summer Floral Arranging

There is so much to celebrate once Summer is here and blooming! The flowers are vibrant and absorb the heat and happiness of the season. It is time to play with color combinations, texture and the vibrancy of Summer.

Summer Flowers we love:
Dahlias, cone flowers, sunflowers, lisianthus, gladiola, zinnia

Other small filler flowers and greenery-
Eucalyptus, celosia, gompherna, aster, sweet pea, tansy

 One fun thing to do is take pictures of your process. With only a few flowers, you can create again and again. The top picture is just dahlias. The bottom picture the dahlias are reused for a large complex arrangement.

 Playing with different color's makes life fun. It is also a good time to pull out the odd color and shaped vases you ended up with. The top arrangement is deeply saturated in color, with ranges of fushia, red, plum and soft purple. a little bit of light green to soften it.

This simpler arrangement is something I have been exploring lately- color blocking. Using different colors and flowers in their own sections to make something interesting. Without any greenery it is simply colorful! If you find arranging into a vase difficult, make a bouquet instead. Pop on a rubber band when you are done, and then find a vase to fit it. It is sometimes best to let the flowers do the talking, not the vase.