Friday, February 16, 2018

Winter Blues? Find Flowers.

February is a hard month for me. Trying to survive with few fresh flowers means coming up with a few activities to keep me connected with them.
Some of my favorite ways are:

1. Buy yourself flowers. Seriously. As nice as it is to receive flowers from my hubby, it is not nearly enough!

2. Flower mandalas. You can use fresh or dried bits for this. The idea is that you take time to connect with nature and what you have. Create patterns and photograph them, or glue them in place. This is fun for kids too.

3. On nice sunny days, even the driveway becomes covered in flowers.....

4. House plants. I admit to often killing these from neglect. I vote for succulents, as they can handle that. There are plenty of interesting ones for people inclined to care for them more then once or twice a year.

5. Dried flowers. Hopefully, you dried a few or purchased some before winter it. You can still go out and scavenge for dried seed pods and colorful twigs.

These simple activities help make the winter go by a bit faster. It's not too late to order in some seed catalogs and start dreaming of Spring!

xo Amanda

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