Tuesday, January 23, 2018

January is a time for.... Bird watching!

Living in Nova Scotia means Winter! Learning to enjoy the cold- the frozen, the snow.
Time is spent daydreaming about flowers, but not having to be full out busy like during the regular season. I relish the time to slow down. To sleep in, drink lots of coffee & tea. Devour books while in snuggly sweaters and blankets. It is also a time to enjoy the bleak hinterland. The birds that still thrive in the white winter cold. Here is a few pictures from the birdfeeder.

Mourning doves & Juncos. Not dramatic, but comforting

A Male cardinal. I have been trying to get a good photograph for years!

Cedar Waxwings. They stay in flocks and travel through, foraging for berries before moving on
A classic Chickadee. Somehow they manage to sing even on the coldest days
 There are plenty of other birds still around-
Eagles, Hawks, Ducks, Crows & Robins, the occasional Robin, Sparrows & Starlings to name a few.
Birdwatching helps us enjoy the darkest part of the year.