Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Give the Gift of Flowers

Hi Everyone,
   With the constant snow and cold this December, it is hard to remember the flowers and bounty of Summer! This is a Great reminder that Floral CSA's make a wonderful gift.

We would recommend the Flower Lover Package. It is 12 weeks of biweekly bouquets over the entire season, from May 9th - October.  Cost is $226 This is for Wednesday Pick up At Local Source, HFX.

Live in Tantallon, Bedford or Dartmouth? We have a slightly different package to fit with Olde Furrow Farm's Veggie CSA. Their Biweekly Bouquet Package is for 10 weeks from June 6th- October 10th. Cost is $201      

 You can send us an email and we can get you started. Gift packages come with a printable note, so you can tuck it in an envelope for someone special. 
Please see our CSA page for all the details and package options. 
Thanks so much! Amanda

Friday, December 8, 2017

From Seed to Centrepiece

It has been a busy season this year, and this is why-
We have been working on From Seed to Centrepiece, and it has just been published!
There is nothing more amazing then seeing your hard work in physical form, and I have so much gratitude for all of those who have helped along the way. Especially the team at Nimbus publishing, who made this come together beautifully.

What is the book about?
It is a journey through the seasons. Embracing what we are able to grow in the Maritimes. Which is a land full of ice and snow come Winter. But that ice and cold makes us appreciate flowers when we have them. It is a journey of flowers, growing and what you don't normally see when you hold a bouquet- birds, bees and the growing process of the flowers you love.
There is growing tips for both annual and perennial varieties. Design tips, so you can learn the creative process of floral arranging, and lots of photographs!

The book is available from us at the Historic Farmers Market, every Saturday until Christmas. Across Canada at most Chapters & Coles bookstores. Fine book stores and yes, Amazon for those across the borders:)

The future is bright and the flowers fresh.