Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Infused Edibles

One of our new amazing things we have been working on is a new line of Edible Infusions.

Lavender Honey
Lavender Sugar
Rose Petal Sugar

Basil Infused Sea Salt

The infused sugars are with Organic Cane Sugar, and our homegrown flowers and herbs. Use the flavored sugar sprinkled on berries, in tea, or as a finishing sugar on cookies & 

muffins. To bring out the full flavor of the sugars, use as a substitute in the baking recipe- creaming the sugar with butter enhances the flavors. Use about 1/2 to 2/3 of a cup, and the finish the rest of the recipe with your regular sugar.

Lavender Sugar
I got into using infused sugar & salt as a way to dress up my ordinary recipes- Easily and Effortlessly.
Rose Petal Sugar
Basil Infused Sea Salt
 For the infused salt, I am currently dipping my fresh tomatoes in it, but it has plenty of uses for fresh and roasted veggies, meats and savory breads.

Drool Worthy Lavender Honey

You can buy it at our Saturday market, or contact us directly.

                                                                    Love, your flower farmer,

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