Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring is here! (maybe)

Tulips- it will be a while before they are ready, but my patience pays off!
A rouge among spring seedlings

 somehow the Winter slipped past me, and it is officially Spring. That means it is still snowing on occasion. I think the problem is that Nova Scotia got spoiled in nice Spring weather last year, and we can't remember what it is like to have to suffer. Last year this time I was already planting outside. I will be lucky if  I can in 2 weeks time at this rate.

Tools of the Trade in the Greenhouse

I have some Anemones planted that seemed to bring little 'friends' with them- thrip. a potentially destructive pest towards my tulips. Since I don't spray my  flowers, I had to take them out into the snow in hopes that the cold will kill/knock them out. It was time to do a little weeding- Beautiful abstract designs taken from my weedings- micro beets, radish and lettuce that seem to pop up everywhere.

 I don't know what this is, but It looks like a Corn Salad/Mache gone wild                     

                         It also reminds me of some beautiful Orchids from a long time ago.

More beautiful abstracts of seedlings on the snow- It reminds me of a map

No matter the weather, I am busy growing seeds for plants, veggies and my beloved flowers. Soon the snow will stop and I will be growing these things outside. Market season is coming up soon, and I just can't wait!
Hope this finds you well,