Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tips to keep your tulips fresh

Tips for keeping your spring flowers fresh!

Spring flowers are not meant to last forever- an reflection of the ephemeralness of the early season when we are bombarded with singing birds, colorful blooms and the waking up of the land and community.
However, by using some of these tips you can keep your blooms happier for a longer period of time.

Floral Preservative. It’s true. It works- Some people swear by a teaspoon of sugar, lemon lime soda or even vodka. If you are having guests over later in the week, use some to guarantee fresh looking blooms.

P.S. I do not sell this product, but there is a lovely store in the market that does, and I can send you in their direction.

Making sure they have fresh clean water every day, recut the stems every 2 days if feeling inclined. Daffodils are known for their murky water due to the sap in the stems.

When arranging Tulips and Daffodils together, keep daffodils separated for 2 hours in a vase while they ‘de-sap’. (The sap is what can kill off the tulip blooms) Rinse daffodil stems and arrange with tulips in fresh clean water.

The top tip of all.... Keep your flowers in a cooler part of your house. Stay away from heat ducts and direct sunlight. My trick is to move the vase around as the day goes on- the bouquet cheers me up at the sun filled breakfast table, then moved into a less sunny room until I am ready for entertaining.

A decorating note or two:

There are so many vases on the market it is hard to know what to choose, and can make many different statements.. I have a few favorites- mainly in crystal and glass, which add light and do not take away from the beauty of the flowers. I also love jam jars for their simplicity. Whatever you have can be jazzed up- with colorful ribbon, raffia or colored glass at the bottom of the vase. Arranging several bouquets and putting them together creates a smash- and so do single stem vases.
I will be back at the Historic Halifax Market starting Saturday April 28th with tulips, and a whole load of fresh greens and other produce. Hope to see you there!

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