Friday, April 27, 2012

Springing into the Market Season!

Things are growing with tenacity here even with the forecast of 'fluffy rain' tomorrow and I am happy to announce I will be at the Historic Farmers Market starting this Saturday from 7-1 at the Brewery. Here's some pics of what's been going on at the farm.
I love my tulips-( it must be the Dutch in me)

Nothing like spring radish
 By the way- I'm now into stir frying my radish- it takes the sting out of the flavor and puts in a little sweetness. just slice and pop them into the pan with your other veggies for at least 4 minutes.

The Beet Greens are growing too!

I just discovered this moth on my mizuna- coppery red and beautiful! Anyone know the variety?
My dad also started his giant pumpkins- they are now out in tiny greenhouses and being covered over at night. I plan on growing giant tomatoes, sunflowers, corn and of course beets this year.
Hope you are well.

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