Farm Manifesto

Our Farm  

We are a small scale farm operating in Steam Mill, Nova Scotia. We believe in working with the environment in a sustainable manner; protecting wild spaces and honoring traditional ways of growing. We are devoted to growing healthy, fresh picked produce and beautiful flowers across the seasons; and to adding seasonal extensions with dehydrated fruits, herbs and veggies.

We operate our farm based on our values, beliefs and guiding principles
We care about what we do and how we grow things
We care about buying and living locally
We demand accountability and consistent high quality products

We attend the farmers' market because we believe in being on the front lines - sharing our knowledge, meeting customers of all backgrounds - and having conversations around nature, food, culture and the seasons. We realize how important it is to be connected with what we eat, and we want to be able to share our knowledge on how things are grown, what they taste like and how to eat them.

Our Flowers

We grow flowers because we love them! 

We seed, grow and harvest over 150 varieties of flowers on our farm, with fresh flowers available from Late April until Late October. We love to celebrate color, smell and the beauty of the seasons with our farm fresh flowers.

The Bloom season starts in Spring with fresh smelling tulips, hellebores and daffodils. It moves to peonies, lupins and the exuberance of Summer through Annuals - zinnia, scabiosa, sweet peas. Fall brings the colorful sunflowers, celosia and beloved pumpkin-on-a-stick. Winter is bountiful through dried flower arrangements and Holiday wreaths, swags and decorations. Please see our flower listing for a more detailed list. 

Our Herbs:
We grow edible herbs and flowers because we love them too! Many are harvested and dried, to use for our line of edibles- infused salts and sugars, and our herbal teas. These can be found in our shop on Etsy.


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