We are so excited to announce our Floral CSA for 2018!


We had an amazing CSA season in 2017, with our colorful bouquets spread across the HRM over 20 weeks. Every year it grows and I can’t be more happy with the love of color and nature that inspires from our flowers!

Here is a video we have recapping the different flowers and the seasons. Enjoy!      


How to begin:

1.Check out our link to learn what our Floral CSA is all about – why we love local flowers, our policies, and some frequently asked questions.

2. Pick your Pick up Location & Option

3. Sign up with our form or by emailing us: mail@thehumbleburdock.com

It's that easy! You'll receive a confirmation email, as well as our payment options. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 

2018 Packages
Wednesday pick ups for Local Source, HFX & The Farm- Steam Mill, Annapolis Valley

A)  Spring Session *(Biweekly) 4 weeks   $95                    May 9th – June 20th
A) Spring Session* (8 weeks) $156                              May 9th – June 27th
B) Flower Aficionado ( 24 weeks) $388                          May 9th- October 17th
C) Flower Lover (Biweekly) ( 12 weeks) $226              May 9th - October 10th

D) Summer Aficionado (16 weeks) $277                      July 4th – October 17th
E) Summer Lover Biweekly (8 weeks) $171                July 4th – October 10th

Includes a Dried Flower Bouquet, which comes out in November 14th. It is a great way to keep the flower love during the off season! (*excluding the Spring only Packages)

Bedford, Dartmouth & Tantallon

We are currently working out for a Wednesday drop off's to Bedford & Dartmouth and Tantallon but the season is on a slightly limited schedule. Last year, we had them from 2pm-7pm on Tuesdays, but that is subject to change. It will likely be Wednesday or Thursday, and we will keep you posted as we learn more. 
The drop off locations are: Tantallon- Cornerstone Naturopathic,  
Bedford- Nature’s Cove & Dartmouth at Blended Athletics. 
Dried Bouquets are an extra pick up in mid- November.

A) Weekly Bouquets (20 weeks) = $342                                 June 6th- October 17th

B) Biweekly Bouquets (10 weeks) = $201                              June 6th- October 10th

The future is bright & the flowers fresh!

Love, your flower farmer,


 We have disabled the form until the New Year. If you would like to give a CSA as a gift, just pop us an email. Thanks!

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