About us

      Amanda is a third generation farmer and started the floral design business by cutting flowers from her Mother’s garden. Now growing over a hundred varieties of flowers and foliage on Humble Burdock Farm, the business has been building up each year as more people respond to the nature, colour and beauty of locally grown flowers.

     Growing and supplying these beautiful botanicals in a Maritime climate takes good planning, an innate understanding for our changeable growing season and more than a little courage. Amanda faces these challenges head on and thrives on beauty that grows around her.

     Her background is in fine arts, but now she uses a palette of farm fresh flowers to create stunning and joyful designs with all of the colour, chaos and texture of the natural world. She has a passion for getting to know her clients and strives to customize every design to the individual.

       Katherine is a passionate designer with an eye for texture, line and colour. She can be found tramping through the fields, woods and wilds to find the perfect foliage to complement our floral designs. 
    Her background in theater design helps her to always find creative solutions towards a client’s vision. Her abilities to troubleshoot, repair and create are her strongest attributes; but also her ability to dream, expand the business, and add financial logic to Amanda’s floral dreams makes them a great team.

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