Monday, September 30, 2019

Giant things.... Make my heart sing

You probably didn't know this, but our farm is part of a mecca of giant vegetables. Between 3 households, there is giant pumpkins, squash, sunflowers, long gourd, field pumpkin, tomato and beet records.

The classic family shot- My Dad Ron with Kaiden
September is when the weigh off's start- at Glad Gardens first. The next one is the Windsor/West Hants Pumpkin Weigh off- the first Saturday of October. If you place for a GPC (giant pumpkin commonwealth) world record, you spend the next few weeks on tenterhooks, waiting for the rest of the competitions to finish across the globe, so you can see if you stay placed. Some years, you may win, but not beat the largest record. It happens. Interested in seeing the giant beasts? Check out AVGVG- Annapolis Valley Giant Vegetable Growers. You may see my prize winning beet there- Usually I am 1st or 2nd. You never really know until they are done being weighed! P.s. My family and I were super BEET out this year!- I just had to make a beet joke:)

The Windsor weigh off- lots of Pumpkin and Squash (must be a true green to be weighed as a squash)

A trip back in time to one of my first giant beets

 Besides chuckling over the sillyness of giant vegetables, your probably wondering WHY people grow them. It's fun! There is definitely a good dose of competitiveness is most of the growers, and the desire to get better and bigger each year. A lot of plant breeding and seed saving is going on too, so there is a building community across the globe.

Tromboncino gourds- growers like to try new things too!

For the record, giant pumpkins seeds are saved, as top growers can get $100 A SEED. But most here are turned into boats for the Winsdor Pumpkin Regatta. A festival where you row a pumpkin across the basin. Seriously! You may never look at a pumpkin the same way again.

P.S. It has been a hard growing season for many people, so the Windsor pumpkin regatta has been cancelled for lack of giant pumpkins:(

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