Thursday, April 26, 2018

Spring Flower Arranging

I love making arrangements. Especially when it is just for me!
The biggest key is always to play and have fun. Enjoy what you can use, instead of dreaming what you should have/ could have grown. 

Some of our loved spring flowers are:
Tulips, Hellebores, Daffodils, Columbine
They get paired with the wild foraging and small blossoms around the farm:
Solomon's Seal, Wild choke cherry, barberry, horsetail, bleeding heart, young maple leaves.

Sometimes even I need to work out of my comfort zone. Working with the bending that tulips want to do gives me an opportunity to try something different. If you don't try, you won't know.

I like using the sea glass at the bottom of the vase to add in some unexpected color. Different and unexpected. While I am more of a wild, rambling person, this clear and concise arrangement is also simply beautiful. 

Push yourself to try something new. 

Happy playing!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April is a time for daydreaming......

This past Summer a group of flower farmers & florists met up at one of my favorite spots on the Valley. The Tangled Garden in Grand pre. Known for it's delicious herbed jellies, vinegar's and gelato's. It is also home to beautiful awe-inspiring gardens. This past summer was the first year of the Tea House, ran by Lisa of Binky's Donuts, so I can't wait for this season to begin! Tea, crumpets, jam & deliciousness ! What more do you need?
                Plan to visit this Year!
Fairy Tea for Kids

The tiny details make my heart swoon

A tour of the herb patch

Masses of feverfew

A kindred spirit who loves drieds as much as I do

The classic Tangled Garden shot
Find more info about Tangled Garden in Grand Pre, and have an adventure!