Sunday, January 31, 2016

2015 Seasonal Flowers recap

Where has the time gone?! We had an amazing CSA in 2015, with over 350 beautiful bouquets spread across the HRM, not to mention our weddings and market flowers. Here is a video we made recapping the different flowers and the seasons from our CSA. Enjoy!

You can check out our CSA page to find all the information you need.
Our 2016 options are:
A) Spring Session (4 weeks) $85                                        May 4th – May 27th
B) Flower Aficionado (20 weeks) $321                            May 4th- October 12th
C) Flower Lover (12 weeks) $220                                       May 4th - October 12th
D) Summer Aficionado (16 weeks) $268                        June 30th – October 12th
E) Summer Lover Biweekly (8 weeks) $166                 June 30th – October 12th

The newest addition this year, is including a Dried Flower Bouquet*, which comes out in Mid November. It is a great way to keep the flower love during the off season! (*excluding the Spring only Package)

We are currently working out drop off's to
Bedford & Dartmouth, but the season drops are on a limited schedule from July 7th- October 13th,
A) Weekly 15 weeks = $254
B) Biweekly 8 weeks = $166
These would be for Thursday pick ups and the dried bouquet is on October 27th.

Please check out our CSA page to help you get started, and to sign up.
Thanks so much.
Love, your flower farmer,