Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wayne & Amanda 2014

The biggest day of all!

You'll notice I haven't posted anything lately, but I have had a good excuse. I got married! After that it is trying to get back to normal, and then wait for the photos to come in, just so you can relive the happiness with me!

I would like to talk about the process of designing wedding flowers, but this isn't the place. I am all too happy to share some of the gorgeous things that went on during my wedding on June 22nd 2014. I can also proudly say the flowers were all grown on my farm, save for some lupins and wild foraging.

My vision- Strawberries and Peonies. Can you go wrong with that?

I had planned for a garden ceremony followed by a buffet and yes, Strawberry shortcake. I had planned for the peak 'peony' season, but with the cold spring, everything was a week behind, Strawberries included. I was very lucky my neighbors pitched in berries from their first week of Strawberry picking!
As for peak peony season, I had some, at least enough for the bouquets. I also had to leave some in the garden so it would be nice for photos. It is hard not to cut a peony!
Katherine and I spent 3 full days trying to get the flowers harvested, processed and arranged. (2 days of arranging during a week of on again off again rain showers.)
Here is some of the photographs from that gorgeous day! I'm so glad I could share them with you:)

I also had four larger planters out in front of the property to guide people in. 
Two by the road, and two in front of the barn, one pictured here.

Bouquet shot! Loving my Peonies, Baptisa and a little bit of Sedum. 
Wrapped up in antique lace.

What a beautiful day we had! Our row markers were Lupins and Baptisa,
 in vintage Maple Sap buckets. Great for a backyard wedding.

The front of the golf cart- Lupins, Clematis and a yellow Itoh Peony, 
clipped from my mother's garden... when she wasn't looking.

Amanda, pictured here in the garden. I don't get dressed up very often, but I didn't mind this time!

Every Princess needs a chariot! A farm girl gets to have a golf cart, covered in flowers.
Here I am with Dad.

Our son Kaiden was our ring bearer. He looked so cute in his tux!

  Katherine made the ring box of birch bark and moss, in which I attached the rings.

The back of the golf cart was decorated too- complete with a 'just married' sign and tin cans, 
as a surprise to the bride and groom.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown in front of the greenhouses- en route to the receiving line.

A second bouquet was made- as every bride needs to be able to change her mind. This was given to a beloved couple who was celebrating their anniversary too. I had decided to have a small wedding, including no wedding party, instead I named my Sister as Hostess, and my Sister in Law as my witness.

 One of the larger arrangements by the gift table. I was so pleased with the
 dramatic copper beech leaves paired with the lighter colors.

 Now for some of the arrangements

While flowers can seem only a small part to a wedding, to me they meant a lot. Flowers can add to joy, happiness and make the backdrop special and beautiful. Here is an assortment of some of the table arrangements, using whatever floral items we had from the gardens and woods.

We did a lot of clusters of smaller vases for more impact, I also used shells and beach stones
for decorating on our tables.

The Brunch Buffet was made by our local Billtown Baptist Church Ladies Auxiliary- Strawberry Supper- complete with the world's best baked beans, ham, deviled eggs and the works. You may not live around here to understand how good it is, but I've always hated going to other people's weddings and eating food I don't like. That's why I needed them. It was amazing!

We used larger pieces of furniture- dressers, mantles, chairs and tables to make up the 'bones' for the decorating. Then some lamps and lighting were added, just to add atmosphere. We were then able to go in with smaller things we owned, as well as flower arrangements to pull it all together.
Originally I wasn't planning to put anything on the walls, but Katherine recommended
 and hung up all of the dried flowers. It looked so beautiful!
 Wayne and I listening to Dad's speech- I'm getting a little sentimental!

The mantle was behind the head table. I am not one for decorating, but I wanted lots of flowers. I knew I wanted peonies for my bouquet, but I love all flowers and we used everything we could get our hands on- Roses, Lupins, Irises, Sweet William, Anemones and lots of pretty Foliage in various colors and textures. Some beauty bush, a small arrangement and a proper mantle arrangement hung behind us.
I can also add that I spent many happy hours daydreaming about flowers for the wedding, but less then I should on the decorating bits. Thankfully I had some help to steer me back on course.

 One of the vignette's

 Some of our arrangements were made in my Grammie's old tea cups that I inherited from her. 

 Another gorgeous shot.

The photography was taken by my Aunt and Uncle- Sandy and Robert Mosher of Mosher Photography. Sandy also does beautiful wildlife painting and you can find them on their website at:

Wayne and I on our honeymoon. Every bride should take their bouquet with them! We stayed at the Blue Cottage in Huntington’s Point. It is owned by the Charles MacDonald Concrete House Museum.

While many flower farmers get married outside of the busy season, I wanted to be married in it. I needed peonies and all the flowers I can't get at a conventional florist. I can't say it was the best idea, but it was the most beautiful!! I'm just so lucky that I had an amazing team and family to help make it happen!
Thank you so much for checking this out! Every bride deserves a beautiful day like I had.:)

and they lived happily ever after...........