Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tulip Mania!

It is the last hurrah of tulips, before all of the other Spring flowers come on- including Lily of the Valley, Lilacs and Alliums. Here is some of my favorites.
A homage to color- in all different varieties of tulips

Most of these are Parrot Tulips- I love them!

Close up of Fritillaria, also known as Checkered Lily or Snakeskin Lily.

One of my fancy 'Butterfly' daffodils- Apricot Whirl

You can make an impact with only one color. These are called Christmas Marvel.

This is my newest friend, who likes to sun himself in my Greenhouse between my transplants.

A miniature Bearded Lily- Pale icy blue. They come on before the regular sized ones.

I believe this is a pink Menton. I need more of these!

Beautiful flowers juxtaposed with concrete and wood in one of our greenhouses.

Bleeding hearts, Pink tulips and White Double 'Peony' Tulips.

While not a great picture, This is how I travel. Flowers in the passenger side to get them home.:)
It has been a funny Spring this year, or perhaps we have been spoiled for the past few Spring's. Tulips came on late, but they came on in a flurry after Mother's Day. It might be the Dutch in me, but I truly love them, and they come in all sorts of colors and varieties at my market table. Nothing gives me greater joy then when customers come to my table and just smile at all of the beautiful flowers grown on my farm. Vegetables for Victory, Flowers for Morale, as was the Victory Gardens Motto during the Second World War, here in Canada.

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