Monday, March 3, 2014

Seed Portraits

These seeds are the lifeblood to my farm. Without them I can not grow, and through my pictures I was able to appreciate them more. All of their different sizes, color, textures and personality. It is like looking at old friends, ones that I see every few weeks as I pour them into my hand seeder and sow them into the earth during the growing season. 

When I started farming, I never forgot the feeling of it being a miracle every time you planted something. You wait in bated breath that they will germinate. It could take days or weeks to see something happen. Most of the time they do sprout, and abundantly. But it is that hope you feel, the hope that keeps you going. It is in the tiny emerging leaves that the magic doesn't end and hope for Spring begins. 
 - Amanda

Roma Beans saved from my friend's garden- thanks Helen!

Onion seed looks like tiny stars and a geode moon

Beets in a favorite vintage tea cup

Cilantro Seeds in a shell

Dill seed held in a tiny hand

Pumpkin seeds with a fox figurine

More Roma beans in a tiny pot from my grandmother's collection

Carrot seeds along with a tiny pot lid

Cucumber seeds scattered over a rock

Green Kale seed emerges out of a snail shell

Spinach in a sweet piece of glassware

Tomato seeds in my Dad's tiny vintage toy truck

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