Friday, February 7, 2014

Bleak Mid Winter

I suppose that I ought to love winter, It is a time of rest(?) and contemplation. Or at least a reason to snuggle in cozy blankets, read and sip on tea. February is often the hardest month in a Nova Scotian winter, due to snow, more snow, storms and knowing it is the last hurdle until spring. We had a sparkly dusting this morning and I thought to get out with my camera and show the slow- goings on at the farm. It is also minus 12 this morning.
Snow makes everything so beautiful.

Beloved farm equipment- old horse drawn rake

Tractor tire tracks

I had set out to take pictures for a new article I am working on- Winter Interest Plants

The front is Euonymus, which I have grown to love (took a few years) behind is a Weeping Nookta

Where I am to be married next June:)

I always have loved the crisp clean white of our greenhouses in snow

More functional farm equipment gets to have a winter break too

Snow mounds from holes in plastic- time to fix it!
 Above Photograph: On the left is the slow growing spinach, and the right with dead salad greens- although there is some hardy arugula I picked for our salads. When it is colder then minus 6, everything stays frozen and I can't pick it, nor does it do much growing this time of year. I am spending time planning for the next year and counting the days (and seeds) until I start planting for Spring.
    Enjoy Today,
Amanda Muis