Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Holiday Wreaths

Who would believe that it is wreath time again? It felt like it was just yesterday when I was picking my flowers before the frost. But I  love this season too, as Wreaths are a way to share with the world the beauty of nature and to rejoice in the Holiday Season. A reminder to be kind to others, ourselves and to prepare for the long winter sojourn. In my wreaths I use all natural ingredients, mainly wild crafted or grown on the farm. Everything is picked and made Fresh.

The workshop just before the chaos begins.
Magnolia leaves, oranges, rose hips and cultivated juniper.
Swags can make an inexpensive way to brighten up a dark corner and add some festive cheer, inside and out.

I'm big into Multipurposing. Small wreaths can be hung on doors and utilized into candle holders during a special celebration.

I also am doing some woodsy wreaths this year. There is wild juniper, magnolia leaves, sunflower heads, rose hips and another green I am in love with (sans latin name) and calling it 'Funky Green' for now.

My dried oranges. I love using these to add some opulence to my wreaths. After adding slices into the whole orange, dehydrate in a dehydrator. Takes anywhere from 24- 30 hours. Best to spray with sealer and wire after wards.

The wreaths kept outside to stay cool and fresh. I also drape with a shade cloth to protect from too much wind and sun.

Ah, Magnolia leaves. Can it get any prettier? Actually it can, since the leaf has one velvety brown side and a green side.
I'm going through a phase where I love variegated cedar and its gold tones. It is also really great in a garden.

You can find me at the Acadia Christmas Craft Expo at Acadia University or at one of the Farmer's Markets.
 Kentville Farmer's Market- Wednesday 10-2pm at the Town Hall.
or Saturday's at Historic Farmers' Market, at the Keith's Brewery- Find me in the Courtyard at the Brewery entrance.

I keep up to date pictures on my Facebook page, so please check us out there also. Thank you and have a lovely and safe Holiday Season.
Amanda Muis