Monday, July 22, 2013

Wedding- Alice and Chuck

I have been so fortunate to be surrounded by so much beauty on the farm, and then be able to grow and share that beauty with others for their special day. I can't wait to see  photos of the actual wedding. But for now, my side.

My Crowning glory. Fresh Wreaths of Coneflowers, zinnia, allium, lavendar, monkshood, grain etc.

Detail shot of the flower wreath.

Striped Grass, salvia, masterwort, lavender and allium (globe thistle for the groom)
Lady's Corsages of dahlia, veronica, lavendar, masterwort, heather and gompherena. The darker one in front was for a wrist corsage.

Pale pinks, whites and cabbage roses adorn this bridal bouquet. A touch of Lavendar around the outside will release its sweet scent when held.
Beautiful Lilies, double coneflowers, sweet peas, masterwort, varigated weigela, snapdragon, cabbage roses.

The Maid of honor bouquet of pinks, purples and whites. I love the antique lace.

Snapdragons, lilies, zinnias, saliva, sweet peas, canterbury bells

I am so delighted to not only grow these flowers, but also arrange them. I make plenty of bouquets for the Historic Farmers Market in Halifax each week and rarely photograph them. These I want to remember forever. Thank you.