Friday, August 3, 2012

Farm fun and some wild stuff

Beautiful heirloom tomatoes- and my first 'green zebra!'
 Having a sick day meant I could spend a few hours to do the things I have been neglecting- mainly taking photographs and blogging! Summer is in full swing- who would believe it is August already and the fruits of my labor are taking shape.

Crazy spider- that is massive/scary and has a cool zigzag web!

Monarch Caterpillars
 I found 6 of these adorable friends on my dill in the greenhouse- they have since been relocated outside into the milkweed patch.
Some beautiful flowers that will miss my market this weekend....

Instead they are going to the Charles Macdonald Concrete House Museum-   

Delightfully wonderful bane of my existence- The Potato Beetle who eats everything

My patience is paying off- sunberry's are riping

Wild apples starting to blush.

The Pond. Or more delicately put The Swamp.

 The pond is where I have
 been getting my water for the past few months while we suffered the drought. Hopefully that is over. It made me reliaze how lucky we are to have access to water- including well water- and how much we take advantage of it. Other Countries- Bermuda, Pitcairn Island to name a few HAVE to save rain water if they want to have water.  Just some food for thought. 
Life has been busy but good. Weeds are running rampant- and I'm gearing up to make more fruit leather and gasp! making art ( who finds the time?)

I wish you all well and I hope to be getting better for next week.