Thursday, June 21, 2012

Welcome Summer!

Summer is finally here- It is a dry one no doubt, followed by some super insect populations especially aphids!- that being said, I also see plenty of lady bugs and their funky purply orange larvae. (that will be in another post.)
 Life has been going well, my gardens look good-even the weeds look good :)  although I planted plenty of things early some did not grow super fast- I still wish my carrots were ready!! ( I did harvest 2 bunches)  I did numerous plantings, grown under row cover and the later (no row cover plantings) are nearly as big as the early ones. Our dry spring is one reason for that. Next year I'm irrigating in March!

My attractive pie pans to scare off the Ravens

Evidence #1 Raven print beside my peas Yes- this is why I have no peas for sale!

Evidence #2 Pea pod is scratched open and every pea is picked out

Dusk setting in on the Farm
One of the things I love this time of year is the fertile fresh smell of the marsh rising up at dusk. Things are wild and magical and overgrown- hiding mysteries from my constant view. This morning I was able to watch the tree swallows chicks take their first flight- cautiously poking their heads out of the hole, hopping onto the side of the birdhouse and playfully taking off. When they have had a chance to strengthen their wings and learn to eat insects, they will take off back to South America.

Chamomile harvest for drying

 Peonies are in full swing and Strawberries look amazing- I didn't grow them, but my neighbor does, and he is a perfectionist at heart. It shows!   My time at the Farmer's Markets has been well spent- mainly chatting with customers, tourists and all sorts of people. I love to meet new people and learn new things from them. I hope that you find your way there too.