Tuesday, July 26, 2011

garden patch tour

Garden view 1

I had taken a photo session at one of my dear friends, and low and behold, I deleted all of my work. It was only then, I realized that I had plenty of my own garden to show. This is one of 4 areas where I grow things.   It begins in the spring, with rototillering, and planting out. Praying for seed to grow- which in most cases does, but in the weird spring we had, some refused to sprout.

The garden lettuce- both for salad mix and lettuce heads
 Not all plants keep growing. Plenty bolt and try to go to seed, so you need to plant in succession, or every few weeks.
Ornamental corn in the back, amaranthus, asters and small sunflowers in the front
 Which is where I was this morning- happily rototillering the hard pan- our sandy loam soil is full of moisture in the spring, then as the summer dries it out- even with irrigating, the soil compacts and becomes 'hard pan' not too bad for established flowers, as weeds grow less vigorous, but trying to replant is a pain.
Sunflower patch on far right, Greenhouse 5 in far back, corn, amaranthus and asters- and a finicky solanum

 It began to rain. At first sprinkle, so I figured I could finish my piece. Then the rain came down heavier, and I had to free wheel my rototiller back to the barn. I was pushing the heavy machinery as it began to smoke from rain hitting the hot sections and ran like I was in a marathon. Once parking the rototiller out of the rain I headed into the house- I have plenty of other things to do- laundry and blogging.
Lovely lovely sunflowers
It was only after I had my picky computer woken up and properly working that my Mom pointed out that the rain had stopped. Sheesh! While we can always use some rain, it often does not listen to our schedules and does not care if we need to be planting out lettuce and more seed. Which I will be heading back to now. Hope your day is lovely.