Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a mini vacation

View to Petite Riviere

 I was over in New Germany visiting friends and even though I have been busy on the farm, I took a mini vacation over to Green Bay. Stopping at my favorite local craft shop on the way by- and taking the dirt road to Green Bay.
Green Bay and the dreary fog
 It was a dreary foggy day, and the wind whipped at my face as I walked along the rocky shores- rain threatened- and the black cormorant's huddled on the rocks. I love the ocean, I feel as I am greeting an old friend when I have time to see her face to face. I spent a few years sailing, so she was always by my side. But as happy as those times may have been, the ocean is very temperamental and doesn't always give, but takes away.
Waves leave impression

Seaweed that I always want to pop
 It is something I have to come to terms with, this slowing down and contemplating mind frame. It doesn't always happen during harvest season. But I enjoyed my little wee vacation. What do you do or go to try and find a different mindset?

hope this finds you well,