Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hope for Spring.

Love the face-off of the scorpion and the worm

pure beauty

This costume is very very suggestive!

I wish I could paint like this!

The typical dutch landscape background

Sketch for above piece, love the lineage.
Hello everyone,
                It is almost the end of Feb, and I am getting sick of this snow! In a hope for spring, I've been reading Anna Pavord's 'The Tulip', chronicling the crazy and intense history of the Tulip we all know and love. The artist in me pours over the sketches, paintings and lithographs, all 15c to 19c. Looking back on old art gives a new perspective to seeing and understanding art. Even if it is a little quirky. I do love quirky. Hoping the sun shines stronger and melts away at least 2ft of snow!