Friday, November 30, 2018

Holidays are coming.....

It's nearly December, and prepping for the Holiday season is a part of our lives. The fragrant smell of clementines, hot glue, and balsam fir is here. It is a wonderful time of year and we have many lovely things to offer this holiday season- so read on!

Where to find us:
HFX Brewery Market- Every Saturday until Christmas- 8am- 1pm
Color Me Conscious Wellness Centre-Hansport The Shop is open everyday starting Sunday December 2nd!

One of our Craft Shows- so much prettiness!
Greenery, wire and pliers. Time to get crafting!
 What are you going to find:
Holiday greenery- Wreaths, Swags. After Nov 17th- Dec 22nd
Holiday Arrangements- Natural ones starting Dec 15th
Holiday Bouquets & Arrangements- with Flowers Dec 22nd

Swags are a decorative alternative to wreaths

 Other Great gift ideas:
Herbal Bath Tea
Dried Flower Bouquets
Edible Salts & Sugars
A copy of our book- From Seed to Centrepiece
And more beautiful items!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Frosty Farm

To every Season, there is a time. While we enjoy our flowers when we have them, come October, we know things are starting to slow down. There is less light from the sun, so most flowers begin to bloom less. Frost comes with a sparkling sweeping hand. Light at first, then usually around Thanksgiving, a hard frost killing of the majority of the flowers.

 A soft pink dahlia in sparkly frost. Dahlia's are pretty tender, so it is going to fade out fast.

The annual beds- sparkling and colorful.

Rudibeckia- Black eyed Susan

The perennial beds. It got a bit weedy this year, but looks so pretty in the frost!

This dark dahlia is so beautiful

Scabiosa Stellata

The perennial bed and fall on the farm
Usually when the frost comes, it is bittersweet. It is not something you can escape forever. There is also a joy- life can slow down and other projects- like cleaning the field can take precedence. Soon we will switch over to planting tulips and dried bouquets. But for now, we are enjoying the frosty delight that is Fall.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Summer Floral Arranging

There is so much to celebrate once Summer is here and blooming! The flowers are vibrant and absorb the heat and happiness of the season. It is time to play with color combinations, texture and the vibrancy of Summer.

Summer Flowers we love:
Dahlias, cone flowers, sunflowers, lisianthus, gladiola, zinnia

Other small filler flowers and greenery-
Eucalyptus, celosia, gompherna, aster, sweet pea, tansy

 One fun thing to do is take pictures of your process. With only a few flowers, you can create again and again. The top picture is just dahlias. The bottom picture the dahlias are reused for a large complex arrangement.

 Playing with different color's makes life fun. It is also a good time to pull out the odd color and shaped vases you ended up with. The top arrangement is deeply saturated in color, with ranges of fushia, red, plum and soft purple. a little bit of light green to soften it.

This simpler arrangement is something I have been exploring lately- color blocking. Using different colors and flowers in their own sections to make something interesting. Without any greenery it is simply colorful! If you find arranging into a vase difficult, make a bouquet instead. Pop on a rubber band when you are done, and then find a vase to fit it. It is sometimes best to let the flowers do the talking, not the vase.


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Bug Week

I have a deep love of nature and all that lives around us on the farm. Bugs are a natural love, as they are often weird, wacky and stay still long enough to get a photograph of!
While some may find them icky, they are a good signal of what is going on at the farm on a microcosmic level. Every year I discover new insects I have never seen before. Some pests are like regular friends, while new ones show up each year. Monitoring allows us to make changes if needed to take care of our plants and flowers.
Here are some of our funkiest.
Eastern Black Swallowtail Caterpillar

Canadian Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
 Ok, the caterpillars and butterflies are pretty regular visitors on the farm. But the next two- I had never seen before in my life!

Slow, large and Alien like- this Bush Katydid is known for their courtship song

To be perfectly honest, at this point, and hours spending time researching it. I haven't figured out this bug! Any help?

It's hard not to point out the multiple types of bees on the farm. There are so many in different sizes and colors. It is wonderful to watch them. We don't have any hives, but there is mainly wild bee populations around in the woods. Take time to observe what is around you- from the tiny to the tantalizing, they are all a necessary part of the ecosystem.

Happy Bug Hunting!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Spring Flower Arranging

I love making arrangements. Especially when it is just for me!
The biggest key is always to play and have fun. Enjoy what you can use, instead of dreaming what you should have/ could have grown. 

Some of our loved spring flowers are:
Tulips, Hellebores, Daffodils, Columbine
They get paired with the wild foraging and small blossoms around the farm:
Solomon's Seal, Wild choke cherry, barberry, horsetail, bleeding heart, young maple leaves.

Sometimes even I need to work out of my comfort zone. Working with the bending that tulips want to do gives me an opportunity to try something different. If you don't try, you won't know.

I like using the sea glass at the bottom of the vase to add in some unexpected color. Different and unexpected. While I am more of a wild, rambling person, this clear and concise arrangement is also simply beautiful. 

Push yourself to try something new. 

Happy playing!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April is a time for daydreaming......

This past Summer a group of flower farmers & florists met up at one of my favorite spots on the Valley. The Tangled Garden in Grand pre. Known for it's delicious herbed jellies, vinegar's and gelato's. It is also home to beautiful awe-inspiring gardens. This past summer was the first year of the Tea House, ran by Lisa of Binky's Donuts, so I can't wait for this season to begin! Tea, crumpets, jam & deliciousness ! What more do you need?
                Plan to visit this Year!
Fairy Tea for Kids

The tiny details make my heart swoon

A tour of the herb patch

Masses of feverfew

A kindred spirit who loves drieds as much as I do

The classic Tangled Garden shot
Find more info about Tangled Garden in Grand Pre, and have an adventure!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Floral CSA- Sign up Today!

Spring is officially here, but another Nor'easter is here. Abandon the snow shovel & dream of Summer by signing up for our Floral CSA.
It's easy- 
1. Pick your location
2. Pick your package
& email us

2018 Packages
Wednesday pick ups for :
Local Source, HFX & The Farm- Steam Mill, Annapolis Valley

A)  Spring Session *(Biweekly) 4 weeks   $95                    May 9th – June 20th
A) Spring Session* (8 weeks) $156                              May 9th – June 27thB) Flower Aficionado ( 24 weeks) $388                          May 9th- October 17thC) Flower Lover (Biweekly) ( 12 weeks) $226              May 9th - October 10th
D) Summer Aficionado (16 weeks) $277                      July 4th – October 17thE) Summer Lover Biweekly (8 weeks) $171                July 4th – October 10th

Includes a Dried Flower Bouquet, which comes out in November 14th. It is a great way to keep the flower love during the off season! (*excluding the Spring only Packages)

Bedford, Dartmouth & Tantallon

Wednesday drop off's to Bedford & Dartmouth and Tantallon from 2pm-7pm
The drop off locations are: 
Tantallon- Cornerstone Naturopathic  
Bedford- Nature’s Cove
Dartmouth at Blended Athletics
Dried Bouquets are an extra pick up November 14th.

A) Weekly Bouquets (20 weeks) = $342                                 June 6th- October 17th
B) Biweekly Bouquets (10 weeks) = $201                              June 6th- October 10th

Love, your flower farmer, Amanda